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TIM Training Profile

TIM is a company that involves in general trading, service and training provider, MICE (meeting, incentive trip, conference, and exhibition) tour and travel, outbound and team building program and design printing. Whatever you and your company needs and plan, we are ready to be your trusted partner.
Shareholder : Private Company
Primary Business : – General Trading
– Services and Event Organizer
Business Address : Jl. Terapi Raya Blok AE 8,Bumi Menteng
Asri Bogor – Indonesia 16111
Business Phone : +62 251 7191202, +62 251 70993062
Fax No : +62 251 360114
Business E-Mail :
Website :
NPWP/Tax Register No : 02.595.148.4-404.000
SPPKP : PEM-543/WPJ.08/KP.0603/2006
Notary Deed : No.5 Notaris Dani Ardiyati, SH
Bogor, tanggal 29 September 2006
Business Tourism License : 566.11/104-DISPARBUD
Bank & Account No : Bank Mandiri Cabang Juanda Bogor
A/C 133-00-0499302-8 (IDR)
Bank Permata Cabang Kpt. Muslihat, Bogor
A/C 7304026418 (USD)

 Building the professional community who give multiple benefits to others, nation, country and universe.
 Building the education of nation that oriented to the balance of intellectual, spiritual, mental and emotional aspects.
 Increasing professional’s technological and intellectual perceptions.
 Increasing job opportunity and able to be an institution that gives commodious place for professionals to create and elaborate their capabilities.

Basic Policies
 The company is a private company which was established based on goodwill and professionally moves as huge and everlasting company.
 Company and all its personals commit to preserve the trusteeship from all connected aspects, internally and externally. Company also hopes for blessing for all efforts.
 Company has to develop and enrich positive values of customers, employees, stakeholders to maintain the integrity, so it will be able to create the selling identity and brand image.
 The company’s goal is to achieve optimum profit from its products and services. Company was established to have social function and give meaningful benefits for its customers, employees and stakeholders.
 By noticing the professional relationship, company does not allow its personals to receive personal discount/tips/fee/sales commission in the form of money and goods. All of company’s executives are not permitted to do “the side job” without management’ permission.
 Company has to direct its good values by developing professional business companionship in cooperation with investor and every selling system of its products and services.
 Every company’s personals that have responsibility as a leaders have to be a role model for other employees. This responsibility is based on the equality of humanity.
We provide attractive and exclusive training which will cover all your training needs. We offer all general courses content and material, but we also provide tailored course content to meet your company’s factual needs or specific ones. All aspects of business and industries would be covered.

In-house training offer
 Flexibility of course content, timing and delivery
 Increase the relevance and applicable to a particular business or industry
 The opportunity to observe/ participate in ‘live audits’, on site or specific site case studies, enhancing the value of auditor training / course
 TIM In-house trainers are qualified expert who able to deliver the course material with all spectrum of technical and management system information
 Minimal disruption due to staff travel and absences
 The option of a high value and effective training

Flexibility of Participant
In-house training class is available for classes with 6 to 25 participants, all material are supplied and recognition will be provide after following course completion or assessment
List of Topic per Category
 Petroleum and Mining Engineering, Production and Maintenance
 Instrumentation, Electrical and Process
 HSE (Health Safety Environmental) and Security
 Economic, Finance and Accounting
 Logistic and Procurement
 Business and Development
 Human Resources and Management
 Soft Skill

Why Should You Choose TIM?
 We provide very practical and applicable skill and knowledge
 Content of course can be tailored, base on company needs
 We have more than 80 up to date topics to enrich you staff
 We selected experience instructor
 Cooperate with many leading institution in Indonesia and overseas
 Support by experience and professional team and management
 Attentive and professional staff are available to assist all participants during the event
 The class situation is not monotonous, it is always liven up with games, role-plays or dynamic discussion
 We are flexible in term, number or participant, time and fee settlement
 Reasonable in cost
Our Client

 BP Indonesia
 Chevron Pacific Indonesia
 Chevron Indonesia Company
 ConocoPhillips Indonesia Limited
 ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia Inc. Ltd.
 Freeport Mining Indonesia
 Medco E&P Indonesia
 Pertamina (Persero)
 PetroChina International
 Petronas Carigali]
 Talisman (Asia) Energy
 Total E&P Indonesie
 Vico Indonesia
 Ect

Our Experiences
 Advance Geostatistic Method in Reservoir Modeling and Simulation
 Advance Process Control & Instrumentation
 Bioremediation to Solve Oil Spill, Oil Sludge and Oil Waste
 Effective Stock Control & Warehouse Operation
 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Executive
 Environmental Legislation Anticipating Conflicts
 Environmental Safe Drilling Practice for Oil Gas and Geothermal Industry
 Field Water Management in Oil and Gas Industry (Save Handling-Treatment-Disposal)
 Formation Damage and Well Stimulation
 Gas, Oil and Water Pipeline Design and Maintenance
 Health Safety Environmental (HSE) Audit
 Low Resistivity Course to Increase Booked Reserves
 Natural Gas Business Chain & Project Finance (With Special Emphasis on Indonesia)
 Oil & Gas Surface Production (Facility-Operation-Maintenance)
 Petroleum Finance Accounting and Cost Control
 Produce Water Treating and Disposal
 Piping Pipeline Design Installation Operation maintenance and Integrated Management
 Ect.

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