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Environmental Impact Assessment &

Community Relation

January 12-15, 2010 at Bogor

what will participants get?

When you have completed this course you will be able to:

¨       Reduced cost and time of project implementation.

¨       Cost-saving modifications in project design.

¨       Increased project acceptance.

¨       Avoided impacts and violations of laws and regulations.

¨       Improved project performance.

¨       Avoided treatment/clean up costs.

The application of this training would also give the benefits to local communities include:

¨       A healthier local environment (forests, water sources, agricultural potential, recreational potential, aesthetic values, and clean living in urban areas).

¨       Improved human health.

¨       Maintenance of biodiversity.

¨       Decreased resource use.

¨       Fewer conflicts over natural resource use.

¨       Increased community skills, knowledge and pride.


Wahyu Priatna Affandi is experienced Instructor, who succeeds in combining the experience of practitioner with ability adequate academic. He has experience more than 25 years as a practitioner in Petroleum Industries. After he graduated from ITB, he started his career as a Production Operation Engineer in HUFFCO-Indonesia and then he joined VICO Indonesia for more than 19 years (as a Reservoir Engineer, Tanker Coordinator until as a Senior Environmental Coordinator for Kalimantan Operations). He also spent his 3 years career in LASMO Indonesia as Environmental Specialist and ended his career in Oil & Gas Company as an advisor in ISO-14001 Audit & Certification Developing Environmental Program, Risk Assessment, Training, Waste Management and Community Development, in ENI Indonesia.

General Information

Certificate of Appreciation

All attendees will receive a certificate of appreciation attesting to their participant in the training. This certificate will be providing in exchange for a completed training questionnaire.

Documentation & Dress Code

ü  Quality training material kits will be on registration, additional papers, & handouts assignment by TIM.

ü  Note-taking by participants is encourage. However, to ensure free and open discussions, no formal records will be kept.

ü  Casual clothing is recommended. The training atmosphere is informal.


ü  Quality training material (hardcopy and softcopy)

ü  Quality training kits included calculator, T-shirt or jacket, cap, ect.

ü  Interactive presentation with discussion

ü  Convenient training facilities with five star quality

ü  Lunch per day

ü  Morning and afternoon coffee / tea breaks for along the training

ü  Certificate of Completion

ü  Local drop and pick up for arrival and departure between airports to hotel.

ü  Half day city tour at the end of training session following by dinner with entertainment (Optional)

ü  Exclusive flash disk.

Tuition Fee & Registration  Deadline

USD 944,-/ Person, discount 10 % if register three or more persons from one company.

Registration deadline a weeks before training held.

Minimum Participant

This training will be conducted if we receive registration letter from 3 (three) participants (Minimum)

For further information and registration please contact:

Mohammad Ramli     +62 852 17900 824


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