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Gas Turbine: Theory and Maintenance March 29-April 1, 2011 at Bandung Course Leader: DR. IR. Tri YuswijayantoZaenuri

Course Contents


Overview of Gas Turbines

• Industrial heavy duty gas turbines

• Aircraft-derivative gas turbines

• Medium range gas turbines

• Major gas turbine components

• Heat recovery steam generators

Fundamental Thermodynamics

• Reversible cycles with ideal gases

• Actual gas turbine cycles

• Air compressor performance characteristics

• Combustion processes

• Gas turbine performance calculations

• Comparison of basic specifications

Mechanical Equipment Standards

• Applicable API standards


• International standards (ISO)

• Specifications

Gas Turbine Components

• Axial-flow compressor

• Radial-inflow turbines

• Combustors, construction, types

• Ignitors

• Fuel nozzles

• Hot path components

• Axial-flow turbine

• Firing concepts and emission control

Materials of Construction

• General metallurgical behavior

• Gas turbine blade materials

• Turbine wheel alloys

• Corrosion problems

• Wear problems

• Future materials

• Coating technology

Bearings and Seals

• Bearing design principles

• Bearing materials

• Non-contacting seals

• Mechanical seals

Lubrication System

• Basic components

• Oil cooling/warming

• Oil cleaning and conditioning

• Lube oil selection

Fuels and Fuel Supply Systems

• Fuel specifications

• Fuel properties

• Fuel treatment

• Heavy fuels

• Fuel measurement

• Fuel supply systems

• Cleaning of turbine components

Combustion Air Filters

• Combustion air quality requirements

• Function of gas turbine air filters

• Environment and type of inlet filters

• Selection principles

• Operation and maintenance

Exhaust Systems

• Sound abatement

• Inspection openings

• Chimneys

Auxiliary Components and Systems

• Starting systems

• Washing systems

• Gear boxes

• Couplings


Control Systems and Instrumentation

• Pressure measurement

• Temperature measurement

• Vibration measurement

• Performance measurement

• Control systems

• Monitoring and diagnostic systems

Gas Turbine Operations and Maintenance

• Operating philosophies

• Analytical on-line condition monitoring

• Borescopy

• Selecting maintenance approaches

• Maintenance planning

• Spare parts and special tools

• Inspection, overhaul and repair

• Maintenance control and documentation

• Evaluating gas turbine maintenance effectiveness

• Establishing and tracking performance indices



Course Leader:

DR. IR. Tri YuswijayantoZaenuriis an expert in Combustion Engine, Propulsion System and FluidalMechanic, who has a career in this engineering field for more than 15 years. He graduated from mechanicalengineering, InstitutTeknologi Bandung in 1987 and continued his study in TechnischeUniversitaetClausthal, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany until he got the “DoktorIngenier” (Dr.Ing) title in Tribology andKinematics (Reibungstechnik und Maschinenkinetik) on 2000. He is the Head of Combustion Engine andPropulsion System Laboratory in InstitutTeknologi Bandung. He is active in projects that arranged by thecooperation with educational institutions, government and private company.

General Information


ü  Quality training material (hardcopy and softcopy)

ü  Quality training kits included calculator, T-shirt or jacket, cap, ect.

ü  Convenient training facilities with four star quality

ü  Morning and afternoon coffee breaks and lunch for along the training

ü  Certificate of Completion

ü  Exclusive flash disk.

Tuition Fee &Registration  Deadline

IDR 8.250.000,-/ Person, (excluded tax 10% and accommodation)

Registration and payment deadline a weeks before training held.

For further information and registration please contact:

Mohammad Ramli     +62 852 17900 824


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