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HYDRAULICS POWER SYSTEM April 25-29, 2011 at Bali

You will learn

  • Basic theory of hydraulics in relation to hydraulic power system
  • Basic calculation of hydraulic transmission power and knowledge about basic hydraulics circuit
  • The utilization of hydraulics system in industries and its advantages
  • Basic analyzing capability on simple hydraulic circuit

Course contents

  •  Introduction to Fluid Power
    • History of Fluid Power
    • Advantages of Fluid Power
    • Application of Fluid Power
    • Component of a Fluid Power System
    • Type of Fluid Power Systems
    • The Fluid Power Industry
  • Properties of Hydraulic Fluids
    • Fluids
    • Weight, Density and Specific Gravity
    • Pressure, Head and Force
    • The Metric SI System
    • Pascal Law
    • Bulk Modulus
    • Viscosity and Viscosity Index
    • Oxidation and Corrosion Prevention
    • Fire and Foam Resistance Fluids
    • Lubricating Ability
    • General Types of Fluids
    • Energy and Power in Hydraulic Systems
      • Review of Mechanics
      • Application Pascal Law
      • Conservation of Energy
      • Hydraulic Horse Power
      • Bernoulli Equation
      • Energy, Power and Flow rates in SI system
  • The Distribution System
    • Sizing Flow rate requirement
    • Pressure Rating of Conductors
    • Steel Pipes
    • Steel Tubing
    • Plastic Tubing
    • Flexible Hoses
    • Quick Disconnect Couplings
  • Basic Hydraulic Flow in Pipes
    • Laminar and Turbulent Flow
    • Reynolds number
    • Darcy’s Equation
    • Frictional Losses in Laminar and Turbulent Flow
    • Losses in Valves and Fittings
    • Equivalent Length Technique
    • Hydraulic Circuit Analysis
    • Flow Measurement
    • Pressure Measurement
  • The Source of Hydraulic Power
    • Pumping Theory
    • Pump Classification
    • Gear pump
    • Vane pump
    • Piston Pump
    • Pump Performance
    • Pump selection
    • Pressure Intensifier
    • Pump Performance rating
  • Fluid Power Actuators
    • Linear hydraulic actuators
    • Limited Rotation Hydraulic Actuator
    • Vane motors
    • Piston Motors
    • Hydraulic Motor Performance
    • Hydrostatic transmissions
    • Electro hydraulic Stepping Motors
    • Low Speed High Torque Motors
  • Control Components in Hydraulic Systems
    • Directional Control Valves
    • Pressure Control Valves
    • Flow Control Valves
    • Servo Valves
    • Hydraulic Fuses
    • Pressure and Temperature Switch
    • Shock Absorber
  • Hydraulic Circuit Design and Analysis
    • Control Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
    • Control of Double Acting Cylinder
    • Regenerative Circuit
    • Pump unloading Circuit
    • Double Pump Hydraulic System
    • Pressure Intensifier Circuit
    • Counter Balance Valve Application
    • Hydraulic cylinder sequencing circuit
    • Fail safe circuits
    • Speed Control Of a Hydraulic Motor

o   Hydrostatic Transmission System



Handbook and Language

Bahasa Indonesia will be used as the language of instruction. However, the technical terms will still be in English

General Information


ü  Quality training material (hardcopy and softcopy)

ü  Quality training kits included calculator, T-shirt or jacket, cap, ect.

ü  Convenient training facilities with four star quality

ü  Morning and afternoon coffee breaks and lunch for along the training

ü  Certificate of Completion

ü  Exclusive flash disk.

Tuition Fee & Registration  Deadline

IDR 9.750.000,-/ Person. (excluded tax 10% and accommodation)

Registration deadline a weeks before training held.

For further information and registration please contact:

Mohammad Ramli     +62 852 17900 824

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