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SECURITY INTELLIGENT AND INVESTIGATION June 22-24, 2011 at Bogor Course Leader: Kompol Karna, S.Pd and Team


  1. Basic of group behavior
    1. The different between formal and informal group
    2. Two model of group development compare
    3. How to analysis group interaction
    4. Identify the key factor to explain group behavior
    5. The change of role in different condition
    6. The effect of norms to group behavior
    7. The definition of social lazy and the effect to group performance
    8. The advantage   and  disadvantage of cohesive group
    9. Strength and weakness of group decision
    10. Affectivity of group interaction
  2. Human right in investigation
    1. The definition of investigation
    2. Human right and investigation
    3. Technical aspect of investigation
    4. Practical step to use international standard
    5. Human right in catching, include women catching and children
    6. International standard about arrest
    7.  Human right in arrest , include women arrest and children
    8. International instruments relation with human right and police
  3. Inspection
  4. Intelligent investigation
    1. Intelligent investigation
    2. Intelligent investigation target
    3. Intelligent investigation technique

Course Leader

Kompol Karna, S.Pd. is master trainer interpersonal skill, coach ability development from Education and Training Institute Indonesian Police and  IOM. Course experience are Management Conflict, Nogotiator, Mass Control, Civil Unrest from  ICITAP USA. Now, he is a instructor in state police school Sukabumi and Master Trainer in Indonesian Police.

General Information


ü  Quality training material (hardcopy and softcopy)

ü  Quality training kits included T-shirt or jacket, cap, ect.

ü  Morning and afternoon coffee / tea breaks and lunch for along the training

ü  Certificate of Completion

ü  Exclusive flash disk.

Tuition Fee & Registration  Deadline

IDR 5.250.000,-/ Person, Registration and payment deadline a weeks before training held.

For further information and registration please contact:

Mohammad Ramli     +62 852 17900 824


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