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Basic Production Engineering January 25-28, 2011 at Bandung

SASARAN BELAJAR :Setelah menyelesaikan kursus ini diharapkan peserta dapat :

¨    Memahami prinsip-prinsip dasar perhitungan optimisasi produksi sumur-sumur minyak, gas dan reservoir panas bumi, pengembangan pelaksannaan optimisasi produksi ini untuk meningkatkan kinerja produksi sumuran dan lapangan.

¨    Melakukan diagnosis sederhana dan memengerti penyelesaian optimisasi produksi dengan analisis nodal.

¨    Membuat analisis sederhana terhadap data sumuran minyak, gas dan panas bumi , melakukan peramalan kinerja dan merencanakan pengembanganya.

¨    Melakukan perhitungan-perhitungan kuantitatip sederhana dari seluruh data perolehan data tubing, flowline, choke, perforasi, gravel-pack, sub-surface savety valve pada sumuran, merencanakan pengembangannya dengan memperhitungan kemampuan masing-masing sumuran.

¨    Mempergunakan pengetahuan optimisasi untuk aplikasi dalam cara pengkatan buatan dengan gas-lift, submersible-pump, sucker rod pump dan hidraulic pump.



Latar belakang  : Operator/Senior Operator/Engineer/Non Engineer



¨    Production System Analysis

– Nodal System Analysis Model

– Nodal System Analysis  Application

¨    Reservoir Performance

– Equations and Inflow Performance Relationship

– Real-Time Performance of Oil Wells

– Performnace Prediction of Oil Wells

– Real-Time Performance of Gas Wells

– Performnace Prediction of Gas Wells

– Effect of Water Production

¨    Pressure Drop of Fluid Flow in Pipes

– General Equations and Concepts

– Fluid Properties : Density,Compressibility Factor etc.

– Well-Flow Correlations

– Pipeline Flow Correlations

– Chokes and Valves Pressure Drop

– Effect of Velocity

¨    Total System Analysis

– Tubing Design

– Flow line Size

– Effect of Stimulation

– Chokes and Valves

– Effect of Completion

¨    Artificial Lift Method

– Gas Lift

– Submersible Pump

– Sucker Rod Pump

– Hydraulic Pump

¨    Nodal Analysis in Specific Field Application

– Pressure Drop Calculation in Steam Line

– Pressure Calculation in Injection Wells

– Pressure Calculation in Production Wells

– Total Analysis Approach

Course Leader

Dr. Ir. Sudjati Rachmat, DEA graduated from Petroleum Engineering Department of ITB in 1979 and got his Doctorate Degree with honored in 1987 from Ecole Centrale de Lyon I, France . The topic of his thesis is Modelisation Numerique d’Ecoulements Polyphasiques en Milieux Poreux Application au Cas de Calcul des Champs de Pressions et de Saturations dans un Gisement de Petrole.

For the time being, he became a lecturer in Petroleum Engineering Department of ITB. His subjects are Analysis and Numerical Method, Engineering Mathematics, Computer Simulation, Flu id Mechanic, Artificial Intelligence for Petroleum Engineering.

He also gave many courses to the community, such as: basic reservoir engineering and reservoir simulation, basic production engineering, down hole well testing, statistic and numerical method for petroleum engineering, basic log interpretation, etc. He is a member of some profession organization such as: IATMI, SPE/EIME, IMA, HAIAI, FPS-USA, INAGA, and IGA.

General Information


§   Quality training material (hardcopy and softcopy)

§   Quality training kits included calculator, T-shirt or jacket, cap, ect.

§   Exclusive flash disk.

Tuition Fee & Registration  Deadline

IDR 8.250.000 ,-/ Person. Registration and payment deadline a weeks before training held.

 For further information and registration please contact:

Mohammad Ramli     +62 852 17900 824/



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