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Developing Personal and Interpersonal Leadership September 14-16, 2011 at Bali

Organizational change, diversity  and electronic communications  have changed the face of  the  work place. Today, more  than ever, success  depends  upon the combined  cooperation, commitment and action of people-both face-to-face and across electronic and  cyber channels. Our  technical  abilities are not enough to guarantee our success.  We need to  adjust and  improve our  personal and inter-personal leadership to meet this rapidly change today’s business environment.How participants will benefit?:

o      Identify the inside-out approach for success

o      Comprehend the power of paradigm and the habits of mind

o      Improve your personal and interpersonal habits effectively

o     Develop active listening skills to really tune in to coworkers and cultivate productive relationships.

o      Improve our time management by implementing the Matrix Time Management

o      Increase your comfort zone by handling the social aspects of business at your level.

Who should attend?

Supervisors, team leaders, technical professional who  want to maximize their positive impact on others, enrich the quality of their relationships and increase their job effectiveness.

Method of Training

During the training, participant will be in interactive learning mode, by actively  join the group discussion, sharing concepts, role plays, games and case studies.


Day: 1

08:00 – 09:45  Understanding Leadership & Management Skills with Indonesian Leaders/CEO as examples.
09.45 – 10.00 Coffee Break
10.00 – 12.00 Knowing your Temperament, Personality and Character
12.00 – 13.00 Lunch
13.00 – 14.30 Paradigm, Emotional Bank Account,  Three Person Teaching and Maturity Continuum
14.30 – 14.45 Coffee Break
14.45 – 16.00 Proactivity & Reactivity

Day: 2

08:00 – 09:45  Setting your Personal Vision, Mission & Priorities
09.45 – 10.00 Coffee Break
10.00 – 12.00 Matrix Time Management
12.00 – 13.00 Lunch
13.00 – 14.30 Think Win-Win
14.30 – 14.45 Coffee Break
14.45 – 16.00 Effective Communication

Day: 3

08:00 – 09:45  Synergy
09.45 – 10.00 Coffee Break
10.00 – 12.00 Empowerment and Win-win Agreement
12.00 – 13.00 Lunch
13.00 – 14.30 Sharpen the Saw
14.30 – 14.45 Coffee Break
14.45 – 16.00 Conclusion & Wrap-up


Kris Sumargo Hendardjo. He has more than 25 years experienced as trainer in domestic & overseas in “Soft Skill”major, ie. Leadership & Management Skills, Communication, Motivation, Outbound and Interpersonal Skills for various Oil Companies, Mining, Banks, Automotives, Insurances, Fertilizer, Garments, Chemical Industries, Telkom, PLN, Peruri etc. His professional career started on PT. Stanvac Indonesia (1976) as District Geologist, Arco (1980- 1982) as development geologist, Conoco Indonesia Inc. (1982-1998) as Chief Geoscientist, for 17 years in Conoco Indonesia Inc., he had got training assignment for 2 year in Conoco London, UK (1985-1986) and Working assignment in Conoco Houston, USA (1991-1993). He continued his career in Sperry-Sun as Sales Manager and Halliburton Indonesia as Account Manager. He has been implementing his knowledge and experience through develop companies and actives as trainer/instructor/lecturer in universities and institutions, i.e University of Indonesia, Bogor Agricultural University, Trisakti, Bina Nusantara, UPN-Jogjakarta, Unisma Bekasi. He also trusted as Principle Centered Leadership (PCL) facilitator for all Conoco Indonesia employees. Certified Facilitator of Covey Leadership Center for the 7 Habits Program. In 1996, he obtained “Highest Award for Achievement from Dale Carnegie Institute” for his expertise and skill in motivation teaching. As professional, he also involve as member in AAPG, IAGI, HAGI, HFI, Member of KIKAS (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry-the US Committee) and SPE member.

General Information


§   Quality training material (hardcopy and softcopy)

§   Quality training kits included calculator, T-shirt or jacket, cap, ect.

§   Convenient training facilities with four star quality

§   Morning and afternoon coffee breaks and lunch for along the training

§   Certificate of Completion

§   Exclusive flash disk.

Tuition Fee & Registration  Deadline

IDR 6.950.000,-/ Person, (Excluded PPN 10% and Accommodation)

Registration and Payment deadline a weeks before training held.

For further information and registration please contact:

Mohammad Ramli          +62 852 17900 824/


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